The Many Types of Gift Baskets

Jan 15 2016 Tags: Blog

When you think of gift baskets do you think of the traditional tan colored woven basket with handle? I often find myself stereotyping in this way. But honestly, there are probably more types of gift baskets on the market than you are presently aware of.  From everyday run of the mill baskets and containers to seasonal, don’t limit your choices to the idea of a traditional basket. Here at Wald Imports we have well over a hundred pages of gift boxes, containers, and baskets to choose from. Included in our selection are sports boxes, paperboard stacker’s totes and trays, colorful display containers, ceramic and leather containers, and much more.  We also carry proprietary products and a wide selection of shred to fill your baskets and containers with.  There are many creative and non traditional ways to put together a gift collection for whomever you choose to give one to.  Be sure to check out our catalog here at Wald Imports, you’ll be surprised what you find!

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