5 Affordable Yet Thoughtful Gift Basket Ideas

Jan 15 2016 Tags: Blog

5 Affordable Yet Thoughtful Gift Basket IdeasI love gift baskets! They are such a unique way of telling someone that you care…that they are important.

However, if you give quite a few gift baskets throughout the year and on multiple occasions this can quickly get expensive. Here I have assembled 5 simple Gift Basket Ideas to keep the cost of gift baskets manageable.

1. Purchase a few different colors of cellophane rolls from eBay, Amazon, or your local department store. This is a fun way to ad fluff and bulk to your basket, and it’s cheap.

2. If you’re a serious basket giving enthusiast maintain a section or even whole closet for gift basket items throughout the year. If you have a gift budget then you can stock up on closeout items as they happen. You will find this saves you big year round.

3. Don’t be afraid to try something different. Experiment! I’ve heard of gift baskets coming in garbage cans, and it looked nice too! With a delicate touch and an artist’s finesse you can turn anything into a gift basket.

4. Always include a note with your basket. Cards mean the world to the person or people receiving it and they don’t take much space.

5. You can create gift baskets in anything; suitcases, organizing totes or even old shipping boxes. You can also find a wide selection with tons of variety at all ranges of price at Wald Imports. Wald Imports specializes in gift baskets and containers, adding the perfect touch to any gift arrangement.

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