Bathroom Storage In-Style with Willow Baskets

Jan 15 2016 Tags: Blog

As we enter the Fall season your home decor customers may be rethinking the look of their bathrooms. When they turn to you there are some wonderful ideas they can use with some of the products in our wholesale Willow basket section. Space can be a real issue for many homeowners and apartment dwellers, which makes wicker a very attractive and space-saving option. Not only are the following ideas affordable, but lend themselves to creativity that will last for years to come. Your customers will be delighted when they find out you have just the right solution for them!

Get that laundry off the floor

This is a practical and simple bathroom solution that will keep things neat and tidy. A simple laundry storage container is convenient, and can be decorated with lettering or painted to match the walls and other decor.Bathroom Storage In-Style with Willow BasketsWicker Laundry Storage Container Image Credit:

An elegant bathing experience

Show your customers how to make their bathroom look and feel like a relaxing spa with the simple addition of a long, rectangular wicker basket. They will enjoy placing items like scented sachets inside with towels and other luxury items.An elegant bathing experience Bathroom Storage In-Style with Willow Baskets Image Credit:


Sink space saver

A simple waste basket made of natural fiber is a discreet yet decorative way to store trash inside the bathroom. Lining these with clear plastic trash bags makes for quick and easy disposal. [caption id="attachment_2619" align="aligncenter" width="500"]Sink space saver Bathroom Storage In-Style with Willow Baskets Image Credit:[/caption]

Create more storage with a window

Window boxes are popular for outdoor planters, but what about for use indoors also? Just by adding hooks your customer’s bathroom could add some additional storage with beautiful wicker containers. [caption id="attachment_2620" align="aligncenter" width="624"]Create more storage with a window Bathroom Storage In-Style with Willow Baskets Image Credit:[/caption]

Decorative storage above the toilet

One way to make good use of wall space above the bathroom toilet is with a row of square or rectangle containers. These natural pieces are perfect for holding toilet paper, books, magazines, and anything else your customers would like to use for storage.
Decorative storage above the toilet Bathroom Storage In-Style with Willow Baskets

Image Credit:[/caption]

Our Willow baskets come in a variety of shapes and sizes and can make a delightful storage solution for your customers’ bathrooms whether large or small. The beauty of natural fiber is that it looks great as is or painted to suit their design tastes. Anything is possible when using a variety of containers and baskets, which make for just the right DIY Fall project this season. Creativity will abound with these simple and affordable home projects.    

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