Back To School Gift Baskets


It’s that time of the year again! Moms and dads everywhere are searching for the perfect little teacher treat for the first day of school. There are two types of teacher presents; The first kind of present includes things a teacher needs for themselves and the other kind of present has things they need for their students. This might seem a little vague, but it will definitely make sense once you see what you can include in each of these gift baskets.

Teacher Survival Kit Gift Basket:

There’s no question that the first semester is the most challenging time of the year for teachers. Educators are often running in survival mode for a good chunk of August and September. So, why not make them a little Survival Kit as a beginning-of-the-year present?

This little basket is filled with things that teachers everywhere rely on for the first few weeks of school. The things in this gift can make the transition into a new school year just a little bit easier. 

This kit contains:

A container for an easy, quick lunch.

Granola/protein bars for those times the teacher won’t have time for a lunch break.

Lip balm, for when they’ve been talking for hours.

A pretty coffee cup to keep their coffee hot all morning.

Lotion for hands that get so dry from using hand sanitizer 50 times a day.

A box of tissues.

Nice grading pens. (Good pens are so hard to come by!)

Disinfecting Wipes. Because germs are absolutely everywhere, and in turn, classroom surfaces need to be wiped down basically every day.

Extra Supplies for an “Extra” Good School Year Gift Basket: 

School budgets are tighter and tighter, and teachers are using more of their own money to buy school supplies.  I hit up the sales and managed to pick up quite a few items for pretty cheap.  You can include anything that fits in school supplies; here are a few examples:

- Paper

- Glue sticks

- Scissors

- Paper clips

- Pens

- Pencils 

- Markers 

- Rulers 

- Staples 

- Post-it notes 

- Crayons

- Rubber bands 

- Erasers, etc.

The best part about this gift basket is you can get a lot of the supplies for it pretty cheap this time of year with all the back-to-school sales going on.

Gift Containers:

When picking out a gift container for a teacher, think about using baskets and crates that are large enough for them to reuse as storage containers in their classroom. Here are a few of our favorite large container options:

Set of 3 Distressed Wood Crates

Set of 3 Crates with Chalkboards

Set of 3 White Washed Wood Crates