Build a Thanksgiving Gift Basket

Thanksgiving is a special holiday that brings family and friends together. We all know that cooking Thanksgiving dinner for a large number of guests is hard work. To thank your hosts for the Thanksgiving dinner invitation, we recommend a Thanksgiving gift basket.

The best part of making your own gift basket is the ability to personalize it specifically for your hosts. Treat them with an amazing gift basket filled with baking goods, seasonal decor, candles, bath items, and more. Here’s how you can put together the perfect gift basket for your hosts:

Step 1: Pick Your Gift Basket Theme

A personalized gift basket is a guarantee your hostess will love it. Once you’ve chosen your theme, putting together a basket is reasonably quick and easy.

Here are a few ideas of what to fill the basket with:

-Drinks: seasonal beer, wine, apple cider, champagne, coffee, tea.

-Candies: chocolates, caramels, apple candies, candy corn.

-Decorations: fall-inspired decorations for the dinner table or home.

-Food: cheese, fruits, crackers, nuts, homemade cranberry jelly, fresh cookies, cake.

-Natural beauty products: bath salt, face masks, soaps.

-Candles: they are necessities for Thanksgiving and other upcoming holidays.

-Gift cards: gift cards are always appreciated.

Step 2: Choose the Right Container

Once you’ve picked out your gift basket theme and items, you’ll want to pick a container that complements everything. Here are a few of our favorite containers that match the vibe of Thanksgiving and fall:

13” Expresso Seagrass-Reed Basket

13.75” Oval Herringbone Weave Basket

16.5” Stained Woodchip Basket w/ Cotton Liner

15” Willow Basket w/ White Woven Bands

Woodchip Picnic Basket w/ Cotton Liner

Step 3: Decorate Your Basket

Give your gift basket some style! Fill the holes in the basket with sunflowers (or any other flowers), leaves, pumpkins, acorns, or other fall-themed artificial plants. Here’s a few Thanksgiving-themed decor you can add to your gift basket:

Rustic Autumn Check Ribbon

Fall Leaves Cord

Glitter Leaf Fall Ribbon

Natural Burlap Ribbon

Burnt Orange Gingham Ribbon

Step 4: Surprise Your Gift Recipient!

Now that you have your gift basket assembled and decorated you’re ready to surprise your Thanksgiving hosts with it!