Christmas Gift Basket Ideas

Looking for a perfect gift for Christmas? Creating personalized gift baskets for your friends and family is a great way to show them you care. With the holiday season fast approaching, now is the time to start thinking about gift baskets!

If you’re creating a gift basket for people you know, you probably already have a good idea of what everyone likes. So, this is a great way to use this knowledge to your advantage. Here are a few thoughtful ideas for making your own Christmas gift baskets!

  1. A Very “Sweet” Gift Basket

Know someone with a major sweet tooth? 

This is one of the easiest gift baskets for you to put together. Just grab a willow basket and fill it up with all their favorite sweet treats!

They’ll definitely appreciate having an endless supply of goodies to snack on. Here’s a basket we recommend this gift:

10” Oval Two-Tone Willow Basket

  1. Hot Chocolate Kit

Who doesn’t love warming themselves up on a cold winter day with a cup of hot chocolate? To build your hot chocolate kit, all you need is a hot chocolate mix, toppings, and a big mug. For the holidays, you could give your loved ones adorable festive mugs.

We think this Hot Chocolate Kit will look great in this sleigh container:

4” Royal Blue Metal Planter

  1. Gift Basket For A Master Chef

We all know someone who loves to cook. When crafting a gift basket for them, just fill it up a basket with recipe books/magazines, herbs, and spices, dish towels, an apron. Just about anything else you can think of!

We think this container will look great for this gift:

15” Royal Burgundy Container

  1. Pancake Kit

Give the gift of a post-holiday breakfast with a pancake kit.

For this gift basket you’ll need:

- Delicious Maple Syrup

- Pancake Mix

- Festive Spatula

- Seasonal Jam

Red & Black Buffalo Plaid Fabric Container

  1. Coffee Gift Basket

A true coffee addict will appreciate the kind gesture of being gifted with a basket full of the essentials they need to brew their morning cup of joy.

For this gift basket, you can find a couple of cute holiday mugs, coffee, and a few coffee-complementing treats. To go along with the holiday season, we suggest adding some yummy pirouette wafers and peppermint marshmallows. 

This container is the perfect size for this gift:

Double 4” Pearl White Metal Planter

  1. Spa Kit

When it comes to creating the ultimate spa kit, there are plenty of items that you can toss into your gift basket. For instance, you can fill your basket with:

- Herbal Tea

- Essential Oils

- Coffee Body Scrub

- Sheet Masks

Add a personal touch to your gift by using glass mason jars to store your items. Toss in the tea bags into them and throw out the packaging. I’d also add in a silk sleeping eye mask like the one you can find here.

This whitewash container fits the relaxing spa theme perfectly:

Whitewash Wood Container

  1. Sugar Cookie Kit

Who doesn’t love sugar cookies! Without a doubt, your loved ones wouldn’t mind receiving a sugar cookie kit that they can bring out whenever they have a craving for something sweet.

Here’s what you’ll need:

- A mason jar of homemade sugar cookie mix

- A cookie-cutter

- A jar of sprinkles

- A wooden spoon

- An apron

We think this tin container will look great with this gift:

Double 6” Iron Pails w/ Burlap Handles

We hope these ideas help you out this holiday season!