Father’s Day Gift Baskets


Father’s Day is just around the corner. Do you know what you’re getting dad this year? If you’re looking in the realm of gift baskets, we have three ideas to give you a little inspiration on what you can put in your basket. Here they are!

  1. Grilling Essentials Basket

What dad doesn’t love to grill! For this gift basket, make sure to have a few different rubs and seasonings. You can also throw in a few new tools for grilling so dad is all set to grill this summer. If you want to add in a few more things, you can add some nice kitchen towels to the basket and maybe a gift card to his favorite butcher. This is a gift the whole family can enjoy!

This metal gift container is a great option for grill themed gift baskets:

  1. The “Coolest” Dad Golf Bag

We have the perfect cooler for your dad if he’s a golf lover! It’s made to look like a golf bag. You can add a few of his favorite beverages to this cooler that he can enjoy on or off the golf course. If you want to add a few more things, you can include an insulated cup (bonus points if it says “Number 1 Dad”) and a few of his favorite snacks. 

Here’s a link to the golf bag cooler, you’ll love it!:

  1. Popcorn and Movie Basket

Is your dad an avid movie watcher? This gift basket will be perfect for him. Add his favorite popcorn and different types of popcorn seasonings to the gift basket. You can add a gift card for him to buy or rent his favorite movies. This is a great gift idea the whole family can enjoy. Spending Father’s Day watching a movie as a family will make any dad happy.

A red gift container is reminiscent of popcorn buckets and is a great option for movie themed gift baskets:

Remember when putting any gift basket together, it’s best to think of your recipient and the things they really like. The best gifts are always personalized.

Happy Father’s Day!