Summer Picnic Baskets


Due to popular demand, we have expanded our picnic basket line. Whether you want large or small picnic baskets, we have them all! Since summer is upon us, we thought we’d give you a list of must haves to have the best picnics this season!

Here’s a few things to bring with you to have the ultimate picnic:

- An ice mat to keep your goodies chilled

- Acrylic glasses (They’re so much more durable than glassware.)

- A corkscrew and bottle opener

- Cloth napkins

- Mason jars (These are great for storing dressings and prepped fruits and veggies.)

- Reusable utensils

- A cutting board (You can easily transform this into a charcuterie board.)

- A picnic blanket and throw

Here’s how to put together the perfect cheese board for your picnic:

The best way to transport your cheese board is to put the crackers in one container and the other items like cheese and meat in another container. You can assemble your cheese board once your picnic is set up.


- Three kinds of cheese. Think about having cubed cheese (like cheddar or pepper jack), a sliced cheese (like manchego or gouda), and a soft cheese (like brie or goat).

- Two to three kinds of meat. Pepperoni and prosciutto are always great options!

- Two kinds of fruit (fresh and dried). Apple slices, berries, and grapes make great fresh choices. Dried oranges, cherries, and apricots are good dried fruit options.

- Two kinds of nuts. Marcona almonds, smoked almonds, cashews, spiced pecans, pistachios are all good options!

- A mix of crackers. Having a variety of crackers will keep your cheese board interesting. 

Do you feel ready to go on a picnic now? Here’s our full selection of picnic baskets so you can pick the perfect one for you:

Willow Picnic Basket:

Tuscana Woodchip Picnic Basket:

17.5” Woodchip Picnic Basket:

6 Bottle Wine Basket: