The Complete List of Things to Put in Fall Gift Baskets

The chill of autumn is starting to set in and leaves are starting to turn. Are you longing for a warm cup of tea or an evening by a fire pit? We have a great list of items to include in gift baskets to make gift recipients everywhere feel warm and fuzzy. We have this list broken down into categories. (The food category is our favorite!)


Food Related:

- Bag of Kettle Corn

- Banana Bread

- Candy Apple or Caramel Apple Orchard Pops

- Pumpkin Spice Coffee

- Harvest Herbal Tea

- Loaf Pan and Recipe Cards

- Mason Jar Filled with Candy Corn

- Pumpkin Bread

- Pumpkin Carving Tools

- Pumpkin Pie Spice

- Seasonal seeds - Basil, Black-Eyed Susans, Coneflowers, Dill, and Lettuce

- Fall Inspired Cookie Cutters

- Chai Tea

- Seasonal Mug

Home Related:

- Fall Scented Candle

- Fall Potpourri

- Fall Scented Room Spray

- Mums

- Fall Scented Soap

- Seasonal Dish Towels

For Enjoying The Outdoors:

- Flashlight - For camping

- Fleece Blanket

- Fuzzy Socks

- Football

- Hand Warmers

- Scarf

More Fun:

- Cards to Play on Rainy Days

- Coloring Books (bonus points if they’re fall themed)

Looking for good fall-themed baskets to put your goodies in? We have a great lineup of containers:

13.5” Dark Willow Basket

22” Willow & Seagrass Basket

Rustic 4” Basket Assortment

Wire Basket w/ Chalkboard

22” Brown Plaid Fabric & Faux Leather Container