The Versatile Barrel Basket


When it comes to at-home storage, plastic storage containers aren’t always a good solution. They’re large, bulky, and aren’t pleasing to the eye. (Seriously, a plastic bin in the corner of the living room isn’t exactly designer approved.) Our goal has always been to create baskets, crates, and boxes for a variety of needs. We saw the need for bigger baskets to use as creative storage, and we’ve made it happen. 

We want to introduce you to our very versatile barrel baskets:

Our barrel baskets come in sets of three and have an assortment of designs. They look great in many different spaces, especially rooms with farmhouse, bohemian, and eclectic decor. You can view the two colorways here:

Black and Brown

Gray and White:

Barrel baskets have so many uses. If you’re wondering what you should use yours for, we have a few ideas:

- Plant Covers:

Nursery planters aren’t the most appealing plant container. However, it’s not always wise to re-pot your plant immediately after purchasing it. Instead of looking at an unsightly nursery planter, you can sit your houseplant in a barrel basket. It will look amazing! (Be sure to sit your plant in a plastic tray so it will not mess your basket up when you water it.)

- Storage:

Everyone needs storage, but not everyone has the space in their home or apartment to properly store things. Here are a few ideas of how you can use barrel baskets are visible storage:

- Pillow and Blanket Storage

Instead of throwing your blankets and pillow on the floor, you can put them in a barrel basket. Having a specific place to store blankets when you’re not using them will make your home look so much tidier.

- Bathroom Storage

Don’t you hate the feeling of getting out of the shower only to realize you forgot a towel? With a barrel basket, you don’t have to worry about that anymore! Your bathroom will look so elegant and stylish with a basket of towels placed near the shower. 

You could also use a smaller barrel basket to store extra toilet paper rolls or other small items like bubble bath and body wash. 

- Kids’ Corner Storage

When you have kids, having piles of toys in your home is a common sight. A barrel basket makes excellent toy storage. Now it’s up to you if you want to keep them in the living room or the kid’s bedroom.  

- Laundry Basket

The handles on our large barrel basket make it an excellent option for a laundry basket. Laundry isn’t the most fun household chore, but it feels a little easier when you have a pretty place to do laundry. 

How will you use your barrel baskets? We would love to see. Feel free to tag us on a Facebook post. (We might just feature you on our page!)