Unique Gift Basket Ideas

Unique Gift Basket Ideas

(July 27th)

When it comes to assembling gift baskets, sometimes you just have to think outside the box. We have searched the Internet for gift basket ideas that are simple, thoughtful, and most of all, ones that your gift recipient will actually love using. As you read this list, you’ll probably think of a few people who will love one of these! You’ll have to save this blog for reference later. 

Breakfast Themed Basket:

What sounds better than breakfast in a basket? This gift basket is a kit that the recipient can use to assemble the perfect weekend breakfast. All you need to include is a pretty kitchen cloth, a bottle of maple syrup, elegantly wrapped pancake mix, and a bag of coffee beans. Put this gift in a woven basket, the recipient can always use it as a fruit basket once their breakfast goodies are gone.

Here’s one of our favorite wooden baskets:

Book Themed Basket:

A cozy blanket, a good book, and a cup for tea. Sounds like the perfect combination for a rainy afternoon! If you know someone who’s a bit of a bookworm, this is the perfect gift for them. For this basket all you need is a good book (it helps if you know what book they’ve been wanting to read), a tea sampler, a pair of cozy socks, and optionally, a cozy, woven blanket.

If you opt to add a blanket to the gift basket, this is a container large enough to hold a throw blanket:

Housewarming Gift Basket:

When it comes to housewarming gifts, it’s best to give the recipient simple things that will help to make their new house feel more like home. Just think of what makes you feel cozy in a new space and add it to the basket, here are a few ideas: wine (or a wine bottle opener), kitchen linens, recipe cards, a candle, or a succulent. 

Here’s a good basket option for a housewarming gift:

Special Hostess (or Host) Gift Basket:

Do you know someone who is always the life of the party? Next time they have you over to their house, bring them this gift next time they invite you over. A good host needs items to entertain their guests, here are a few ideas for items you can put in the basket: an appetizer tray along, kitchen linens, & pretty jars filled with goodies (jarred caramels, aged balsamic vinegar, olives, pink Himalayan salt, olive oil.

We love the look of a wire basket as a gift container for this themed gift:

If you’re looking for an appetizer trays, here are a few options:

Circular Tray:

Rectangular Tray:

Garden Themed Gift Basket:

This is perfect for anyone who loves to garden! This gift basket will make the recipient think of you every time they’re picking herbs from their garden. Here’s what you can include in the basket: gardening gloves, an herb growing kit, and a garden spade. You add a few herb-infused oils & even toss in some seeds or flowers!

These gift containers are perfect for garden themed gifts:

Fabric Garden Tote:

Butterfly Planter: