Welcoming New Neighbors with a Housewarming Basket

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Here in America we have a long standing tradition of welcoming our new neighbors with gifts. We like to take over a freshly baked plate of cookies or maybe a bottle of wine and some gourmet cheeses. There are many ways to go about this event, but the idea remains simple: take a gift that says “welcome to the neighborhood, we take time for our community”. A wonderful way to do this is with a wholesale gift basket from Wald Imports

Housewarming Basket

Gift baskets have many advantages, the foremost being that the recipient can keep the basket. They look nice and can be used for many years to come and for many different occasions. Secondly, they work on any budget. From simple to extravagant we carry a basket to satisfy virtually anyone’s taste in style.

Thirdly, gift baskets look wonderful! They add the spice of a customized look to your housewarming gift that anyone would appreciate. And finally, gift baskets tell your new neighbors that you took the time to welcome them with some personal style. So if you have new neighbors consider taking them an assortment of goodies arranged in one of our gift baskets from Wald Imports.

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