10.5" Woodchip, Willow & Vine Bowl Planter Flower Pot Gift Basket

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Our 10.5" woodchip, willow & vine bowl planter has a whitewash finish, giving it a desirable rustic style. It has a natural vine exterior latticework wrap that gives it an interesting two toned look. The bowl comes with a plastic liner to protect your surfaces from moisture when used as a flower pot or planter. This bowl is a great container for your floral or gift items.

This woodchip, willow & vine bowl planter can be reused as a decorative planter or storage container for many years.


  • Hand woven from a mix of natural materials
  • Woodchip foundation with a braided willow rim and natural vine latticework
  • Perfect size to create your own dish garden
  • Hard plastic liner included
  • Size: 10.5" x 5"

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