Find the Perfect Gift Basket for You

Oct 23 2017 Blog

Find the Perfect Gift Basket for You

Wald Imports has an enormous selection of baskets and containers. We keep a tight line of basic products, while offering great new styles and concepts each season.

From wine holders, gourmet gift baskets, decorative boxes to ceramics, glass vases and planter, we've got you covered. However, what if you can't find what you're looking for with our current selection? Then we'll create a custom container just for you?

Many of our best products were designed by our customers to fit a specific need. In fact, we have a loyal customer that was in need of bread and cupcake boxes. And although this is not something in our regular product line, we created these one-of-a-kind bread and cupcakes boxes just for them! Now they have exactly what they need from a source they can trust.

We are dedicated to giving you exactly what you need-even if we have to make it special!