Q: How do I create a custom product?

A: Please see the Custom Products page for more information.

Q: If you don’t have something in stock, how long does it take you to get it back in inventory?

A: It takes approximately 90 days to receive items back in stock after inventory is depleted.

Q: How many days after I place an order will it ship?

A: We try our best to get orders out within 24 hours after they are received. However, depending on the amount of orders we have to ship, if the order has special requirements, etc., it could take up to three days to process your order before it ships.

Q: How much is Shipping & Handling?

A: We have very low shipping costs thanks to the large volume of shipments we make each day. You will see the shipping costs before you finalize your order, so no worries!

Q: Where are most of your baskets and containers made?

A: The majority of our products are made in China from top-quality manufacturers.


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