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Here's to another great year!

Dec 19 2016

Behind our family house there's a cabin. Built in 1898, it is the original structure that occupied this property when our suburban neighborhood was still a Northwest wilderness. It served as a hunting cabin and it still shows the rustic, no frills qualities you would expect in a structure built in the woods for the very practical purpose of providing shelter to cold, wet hunters - a bunk, room for a table and couple chairs, a fireplace at one end, a single door, no windows. I love this cabin. It’s the kind of place that still shows evidence of the...

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A Message of Thanksgiving

Nov 21 2016

To the many customers who joined us in 2016, thank you, sincerely, for the opportunity and for putting your faith in us. To the many customers who have been with us and continued to turn to us in 2016, I remain deeply grateful for your continued trust and belief in Wald Imports. We are blessed to have the opportunity to help our customers succeed. This time of year it's natural for the mind to turn to considerations of what is really important, what really matters. We're all in business and too often business is reduced to the ideas of revenue,...

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Wald Imports: Relationships That Last

Nov 17 2016

Meet Wald Imports’ Al Snel. Al has been with Wald for over twenty years. Born and raised in California, he moved to the Pacific Northwest 35 years ago. This April, he and his wife will celebrate their 45th wedding anniversary with their four sons, two daughter-in-laws and six grandchildren. Al has worked with some great customers for his entire tenure at Wald! Here’s an example of why they keep coming back: Once, a wholesale florist in the Pacific Northwest told Al he was getting a lot of requests for a set of three rustic looking twig baskets. So Wald developed a...

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Sing a Song of Harvest Home

Oct 25 2016

Autumn is harvest time, the season of abundance and a time for taking stock of how well we have met our goals for the year, how best to plan for the coming season, and how to share the fruits of our labors. It’s a time of giving thanks for the goals we have nurtured and realized, and for those who have helped us in our efforts. The cornucopia, or “horn of plenty”, is an autumn symbol of abundance and nourishment, overflowing with produce, flowers, and nuts. It’s an icon of ancient mythology that still represents a plentiful harvest and this...

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Seasonal Marketing: Cozy Times Make Memories

Oct 25 2016

As you read this, we’re in the midst of the fourth quarter of the year, the season when it sometimes seems the snowball of chaos gets larger each week. In what can be a very stressful time, it’s good practice to create a holiday feeling of coziness (what the Scandinavians call “hygge”) for employees and customers alike. Decorations in your break room and holiday festivities will let your team know their work is appreciated. Cards and white elephant gift exchanges foster feelings of inclusion and provide a chance for your crew to relax and celebrate. Cookie exchanges with recipes attached...

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Share These Six Tips for Upcycling

Sep 30 2016

The floral and gift basket business may strike some as a “one time” opportunity. But if we develop relationships with customers, our baskets and containers may find new life in what’s popularly known these days as “upcycling.” Perhaps they may remember getting their first Whitman’s Chocolate Sampler for a birthday years ago. That sturdy box with its perfectly fitting lid was just to good to land in the trash, so it became the container for childhood treasures. Every gift basket they purchase can find a second life once the treats have been enjoyed. Here are half a dozen ideas to...

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7 Steps to Powerful Retail Displays

Sep 06 2016

You don’t need to slash prices, invest in expensive advertising, or learn complex social media strategies in order to give your sales a boost. In fact, research from ad agency Olgilvy shows that price discounting “is not as effective a sales tool as that old stalwart: in-store displays,” and that “marketing mix analytics long have shown that display alone can drive sales.” Yes, even in these days of online algorithms and CRM software, nothing succeeds like a colorful, eye-catching, well-lit display that showcases your product. “Good visual merchandising is a mix of art, inspiration and science. While great visuals can sell...

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Smaller Selection - Higher Profits?

Aug 01 2016

  According to one senior VP of E-commerce at retail powerhouse Costco, "We will never have hundreds of thousands of SKUs. We have the same discipline online as we do in the warehouse, and you cannot really be best at what you are doing if you have too much to manage."  Avon Cosmetics’ senior VP for North America, Pablo Munoz, commented on the decision to focus on best sellers as part of a strategy to boost sales in 2014. “A smaller assortment of Avon products will help lower production and printing costs. A more focused assortment will also help sales...

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