Baskets Not Only Hide a Multitude of Sins, Also add Texture to a Room

Baskets Not Only Hide a Multitude of Sins, Also add Texture to a RoomBaskets not only hide a multitude of sins, but they are also a great way to add texture to a room. Baskets come in wide range of shapes, styles and colors, baskets can be used to add attractive storage to almost any space.

Baskets are one of the most inexpensive and versatile home decor accessories are baskets. Baskets come in all sizes and shapes - and more colors than you can name!

And if you look for them at thrift stores, yard sales, and discount stores, they can be not only affordable, but downright cheap. I recently saw baskets on sale at my favorite thrift store for 25 cents - any size or shape. How can you afford not to use them for that price? Just look at all the rooms in which you can use them:


Flat back baskets that fit flat against the wall can be used above the sink for sponges and bottle brushes. I use a flat back basket for everyday tableware. It is easily accessed by young helpers learning to set the table and by adults just wanting a quick bite. Small baskets can be used by the coffee pot for sugars, creamer and disposable stirring straws. Use baskets to carry coffee cups. Store the cups in the basket by the coffee pot. Then if you need to serve your guests in another room, the basket can just be moved to that room. Use baskets to hold healthy treats where they are accessible for after school snacks. Baskets are ideal holders for oven mitts and potholders. Keep by the stove where they are easily accessible.


Roll up towels and washcloths and place in a basket by the tub or shower. In the guest bathroom, gather travel-sized shampoo, disposable razors, sample-sized toothpaste, net scrubbies, sample deodorants and bubble bath, and fresh washcloths and hand towels. Place in a basket along with a welcome card for your guest. Place toilet paper in a tall basket where it is accessible. Organize makeup in a basket divided and made for tableware.