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A Terrific Gift Idea for any Coffee Lover - a Coffee Lover's Gift Basket

A Coffee Lover's Gift Basket: Terrific Gift Idea for a Coffee LoverA lot of gift giving money can be saved by learning how to make a coffee lovers gift basket yourself. You won't have to spend more than $ 25.00 on a very impressive looking gift if you follow the steps listed here.

A homemade gift basket is a great gift idea for any occasion. Learn how to make a coffee lovers gift basket and give it to anyone on your shopping list. This is a unique gift idea for a gift idea. Use the materials and instructions listed below to learn how to make a coffee lovers gift basket.

Supplies needed to make a coffee lovers gift basket:

Wicker basket Coffee cup (4) Small vacuum-sealed bags of assorted coffee Gourmet chocolate covered coffee beans Hard candies White tulle Hot glue gun Shredded paper basket fill Floral Styrofoam Bamboo skewers Artificial flowers Ribbon Tape NOTE - Anytime I make a coffee lovers gift basket, I use the same container, which worked PERFECTLY. A small wicker basket, which I found at Wal-Mart, was just the right size and looked beautiful when filled with the goodies.


Glue in the base - Use the glue gun to hot glue the floral Styrofoam to the bottom of the container.


Typically, the tallest item should always go in the back of any gift basket, however with this one, all the items are virtually the same size. In this instance, the coffee cup should be tucked in at the back.


Take a bamboo skewer, and cut it in half. Tape a skewer, pointed end down, on the back of each coffee package. Push one into the Styrofoam on each side of the coffee cup, and then push the other two in front, and to the side of those.


Add the package(s) of gourmet chocolate. Although chocolate covered coffee beans are recommended on the list, obviously any substitution can be made.


Place some colorfully wrapped hard candies inside some white tulle. White tulle is a great fabric to hold small items because it is partially see-through, allowing the gift recipient to get a 'hint' of what's inside. Tie the tulle with a ribbon and place it inside the coffee cup.


Fill in empty spaces with the shredded paper fill, and then arrange a few artificial sporadically in the basket. This gives it a little color and life to your gift. Use the same ribbon that you wrapped the tulle in, and tie a small bow. Hot glue the bow to the front of the basket.