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Wicker Basket Project Ideas Your Customer Will Love

Wicker is one of the most durable and lasting fibers available today, which can be traced back to its use as early as ancient Egypt. While it became very popular in the 1970s indoors, today your buyers can create household items and furniture for interior and exterior enjoyment.

Before your wholesale wicker basket customers decide on a new purchase encourage them to check out these great repurposing ideas for use in their home. Here are ten ideas to create something new, which also makes for some fun Fall season projects.

1. Bicycle Flower Container

A small wicker basket would work well for this idea. All it takes is some wood twigs and round wicker wheels. This is a fun garden accent that can last for years. And what a creative way to plant decorative Fall plants like ferns, ivy, and more. Wicker Project Ideas Bicycle Flower Container

2. Fun Baby Carriage Basket

Help your wholesale customers go vintage and add some wooden wheels and plaid fabric found at any local craft store for a young one to enjoy. Wicker baby baskets are best for very little ones who are not yet walkers. Fun Baby Carriage Basket- Wicker Projct Ideas

3. Garden Collection and Wine Basket

Reuse an old wicker basket with an added firm handle, which can be used for picking out fresh garden vegetables or produce at the local farmer’s market. It can also work well for a romantic picnic with a bottle of wine. Garden Collection and Wine Basket Wicker Projct Ideas

4. Cozy Pet Bed

Instead of purchasing an expensive bed for your dog or cat at the pet store encourage your wholesale buyers to tell their customers to consider placing a nice cushion inside a wicker container instead. They pets will love going inside their new comfy homemade home. Cozy Pet Bed Wicker Basket Project Ideas

5. Go To The Beach

There is still time left to enjoy a picnic on the beach, and what better way than with a wicker basket? Spray paint it white like this one, with some handles added to each side. A nice bottle of late summer or early Fall wine with assorted cheese, olives, and salami could be a nice compliment to a restful day on shore or in the boat. Roofed wicker beach chair - Wicker Project Ideas

6. Recycle Bin

Transform recycled garbage storage into a nice-looking wicker container simply by adding a handle and if you’d like to move it around consider installing some wheels at the bottom. This a perfect idea to give to your wholesale customers for small spaces like condos and studio apartments.

Recycle Bin Wicker Basket Project Ideas Image Credit: GoGreenStreet.com

7. A Masterful Cornucopia

Set the table this Fall season with another fabulous idea with a wicker basket full of fruits and vegetables, which can be fresh or decorative from a local craft store. Guests will be delighted and enticed by the colorful design. [caption id="attachment_2555" align="aligncenter" width="500"]A Masterful Cornucopia Wicker Basket Project Ideas Image Credit: shelterness.com[/caption]

8. Hold Anything Wall Display

Do your wholesale buyers sell to the teen and youth market? Then they will love this idea of repurposing round wicker on a bedroom wall. This can hold jewelry, glasses, photos and more. For added creativity this can be spray painted a different color depending on the walls and for younger tweens glitter and feathers could be added as a fun compliment. [caption id="attachment_2556" align="aligncenter" width="640"]Hold Anything Wall Display - Wicker Basket Project Ideas Image Credit: Abeautifulmess.com[/caption]

9. Bathroom Storage Baskets

A small bathroom can be a challenge. A good suggestion for your wholesale customers is to help them give their buyers the idea to attach a series of wicker baskets onto a backboard and then hang them on the wall. These containers can be used for towels, hair brushes, and more. [caption id="attachment_2558" align="aligncenter" width="480"]Bathroom Storage Baskets Wicker Project Ideas Image Credit: Homedit.com[/caption]

10. Adorable Indoor Plant Stools

For your garden sellers give them this great idea to turn both an old stool and round wicker into a display for plants. These can also be used as a small end-table or outside on the front porch for guests to enjoy. [caption id="attachment_2559" align="aligncenter" width="500"]Adorable Indoor Plant Stools Wicker Basket Project Ideas Image Credit: Designsponge.com[/caption] The possibilities are endless for the use of wicker containers inside and outside the home. Most of these projects can be completed in a day or two, and can provide useful ideas for your products as well as helpful tips your customers will love.