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🚚 Get Free Shipping on All Orders Over $99! 📦 Exclusive offer for individual retail purchases.

Consumer Trends on Buying Flowers

flower_containers_2According to the U.S Bureau of Economics Analysis, consumers in the U.S. consumed $48.3 billion in floral products in 2017. The estimate includes bedding and garden plants along with cut flowers, indoor green and flowering plants and other related products.

The top-selling flowers based on stem counts are roses, carnations (standard), chrysanthemums (pompon), alstroemeria, tulips, lilies, mini-carnations. This ranking, by SAF, is based on total stem counts determined by adding the domestic production to the import figures. Statistics based on personal consumer purchases (transactions) of fresh flowers, flowering houseplants, green plants and bedding/garden plants (Does not include business purchases): What are consumers buying?

Outdoor bedding/garden plants 46% Fresh flowers 34% Flowering/Green houseplants 20%

Who’s buying? Women 79% Men 21%

For fresh flowers only Women 65% Men 35%

For whom are they buying?

No special occasion 50% Home decoration 13% Birthday 5% Sympathy/Memorial 5% Anniversary/Love 3% Get Well 2% Other 22%

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