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🚚 Get Free Shipping on All Orders Over $99! 📦 Exclusive offer for individual retail purchases.

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Create Some Great Summer Baskets from Wald Imports Wholesale Baskets

Wholesale Gifts BasketsKeep cool with a sizzling hot selection of gift baskets filled with fresh fruit, wine, champagne or gourmet delights.
Celebrate all Summer long with Wald Imports Gift baskets full of fresh fruit, white or red wine and beer are the perfect way to cool off or start your own block party. 

Summer baskets are in season, blooming with refreshing fruit, gourmet snacks and drinks, and even seeds to plant your own garden. 

Gift baskets are sure to hit the spot in the backyard, on the beach, or indoors, just relaxing in the cool air conditioning, make a perfect gift for family and friends on vacation, or to colleagues traveling on business – a great way to welcome them to their resort or hotel. For the grilling and BBQ fans, kick back and relax with the a basket filled with microbrew beer with a selection of popular craft beers guaranteed to hit the spot, plus snacks.What’s better than a chilled glass of white wine on a hot summer day? 

Enjoy any day with a White Wine and Fruit Gift Box filled with white wine, fresh fruit, cookies and cashews - all in a decorative gift box.
 Wald Imports wholesale gift baskets let your loved ones know how much you appreciate them. At Wald Imports we have been designing and importing floral, gift basket and specialty containers for over 30 years. We are dedicated to helping you offering you unique products, excellent customer service, and an extra measure of good old-fashioned kindness. 

We are honored to partner with you in the business of offering consumers and companies, beautiful and memorable gift baskets and floral containers. We seek to reflect this by designing each container in a manner that will delight the recipient long after the gift is received.