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Manly Gift Basket Ideas

Wald Imports October 13th Blog

Men are notoriously hard to buy gifts for and new watches, wallets, and sports jerseys can feel a little overplayed. If you’ve been racking your brain trying to think of what to buy for your husband, son, grandson, or favorite uncle, why not consider giving them a gift basket. They’re a perfectly versatile gift that the gift receiver doesn’t feel compelled to wear (yes I’m talking about an awkwardly knitted sweater) or keep forever.

Here are a few gift basket ideas any guy would be happy to receive:

Simple Snack Mix Gift

This is a simple gift basket as the title mentions. If you’re wanting to give him a gift just to show you’re thinking of him, put a basket together of some of his favorite snacks and a few beers. (You can get really creative by picking up a few bottles of craft beer from a local brewery.) 

A Grill Master’s Dream

Even if you may not be going to any stadiums this year, you can still make tailgating season feel special from home. Get your favorite grill master a gift basket filled with mouth watering seasoning rubs and savory sauces. If you’re still looking for something else to toss in this basket, throw in some grilling utensils like tongs and spatulas. He may even treat you to a few wings or ribs as a way of saying “Thanks!”

The Perfect Gamer Gift

Is your guy a gamer? A gift basket is a great gift to fill with his favorite snacks to have on hand while gaming. You can also include gift cards to GameStop or Amazon so he can buy a new set of headphones or controllers. OR: You could put the headphones or controller in the basket if you know which one he’s been dying to have. You decide which route you want to go.

A Gift For Grooming

This gift basket idea is a great option if you want to give someone a gift that’s not food but you know they’ll use. Try going to a local store or shopping on Etsy to find handmade soaps, shaving creams, or beard balms. He’ll love using these items to when he’s getting ready for the day and they’ll be so different from what he’s used to picking up from the store. This basket is sure to be a win, because who doesn’t like to smell amazing!

Now that you have a few fun ideas of what to put in a gift basket, you need to find the right basket to put your “manly” gift in. We have a lot of options of gift baskets and containers, here are a few we think you’ll like:

10” Brown Decorative Tray: 

This stunning container is covered in faux leather and has beautiful, bold stitching detailing. 

12” Stained Wood Grooved Tray:

If you’re giving a gift to a woodsy guy, he’ll love this sturdy wooden container. He can even use it for decorative storage for years to come. 

14" Black Embossed Paperboard Box With Lid:

If you’re looking for more of a “gift box” instead of a gift basket, we recommend this faux leather covered box. It comes with a lid so his gift will be a surprise!

Stay tuned for more gift basket ideas from Wald Imports!