If you really want to look good, stop looking like everyone else...

If you really want to look good, stop looking like everyone else.

Success in Floral BusinessIn our culture, and most others for that matter, fitting in is what we do. It feels good, comfortable, safe, and it makes us feel like we are at least as good as most other people. That seems ok if you are a sheep, and let's face it; most people are sheep.

They don't really want to be different, they prefer to fit in, and live a nice, safe life, and frankly, that is just fine…..unless you are in business. In business you need to stand out, especially if you are not the current master of your niche. There are lots of ways to stand out, and if you wish to reach the higher rungs on the ladder of success, you must get this part right.

Since we are a company that provides creative packaging, I will limit my focus to that in this article, and if you wish to discuss other aspects of this concept you are welcome to reach out to me. If you look basically like everyone else, don't expect to get exceptional results. If you want exceptional results, look exceptional.

Don't settle for 'good enough', rather decide you are going to look brilliant, end of story.

I can tell you your customers are dying for you to walk in and show them something hot and new. If they want the same old thing, there are plenty of people that can supply it. It doesn't matter if you are a florist, gift basket maker, grocery store, or manufacturer. This applies to us all.

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