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More and More People Want to Create Their Own Flower Arrangements

Create Your Own Flower Arrangements | Wald ImportsMore and more people want to create their own flower arrangements and bouquets for family weddings, in a bid to keep costs low and the personal touch high. not only will you get to put your own personal stamp on your wedding, you might also save money.

A word to the wise, however: If you plan to arrange your flowers yourself, stay away from elaborate arrangements, it's best to stick to simple designs.

If you have the time and poses the skills and you want to make your own arrangements start by making a list of the elements you wish to create. For example boutonnieres, bouquets, centerpieces. Prepare for the task well ahead and you’ll be fine.

Three to four months in advance figure out how many and what type of flowers you need plus greenery and the all important containers (willow baskets, ceramic pots, sea grass baskets, pottery or glass), other items such as ribbon floral wire, wire clippers, floral tape, Oasis floral foam, flower sheers and buckets.

Enlist trusted friends to transport the floral arrangements to the site on the day of your wedding. In the event that all of this becomes overwhelming you may opt to use a florist near you. At the very least you may come to appreciate and value the expertise of a trained floral specialist to do it for you.