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Thanksgiving Gift Basket Guide

Thanksgiving Gift Basket Guide

November 16, 2020 Blog

This year has been a year of all kinds of changes, adjustments, and challenges because of our new normal. Suppose you cannot be with your family this Thanksgiving because of travel restrictions or your personal choice to social distance. In that case, we know a gift basket will not be the same as you being with your family in person, but it will still let your loved ones know you are thinking of them. Here are a few ideas to get you started building the perfect gift basket to send someone you care about. Use our ideas as a starting point; the goal is to make a basket personalized to the person receiving it.

To create the perfect gift basket, you need to start with the perfect gift basket. Here are a few of our gift containers are popular this time of year:

Hammered Metal Bowl: Copper tones make any gift look elegant this time of year.

Rustic Farmhouse Crate: Rustic crates are reminiscent of picking apples in crisp autumn weather. Who wouldn't want a gift basket in a box that brings good memories?

Dark Brown Willow Basket: This basket is a classic for a reason. This basket can be reused for decor or more gift-giving long after the goodies you send in it are gone.

Do you have your gift basket picked out yet? Great! Now you just need to pick a few goodies to fill it with; here are our ideas:

- Snack in a Jar 

- A Fall Scented Candle

- Sugar Scrub

- Potpourri

- Cookies

- Cinnamon Tea

- Mug

- Note Cards

- Handcrafted Soap

- Coffee Syrup

- Hand Lotion

- Scone mix (Apple or Pumpkin)

- Mulling Spices

- Pumpkin Bread

- Apple Butter

- Room Spray

- Festive Cocktail Napkins 

Once you have your gift basket assembled, all you have to do is box it up and mail it to your recipient. We know they'll love your kind gesture.