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The Perfect Bubble Bath Gift Basket

Dust off your rubber duck, this Saturday is National Bubble Bath Day! There’s something so relaxing about sinking into a warm tub of water on a cold winter’s day. Sadly, not many of us have the time to take a bubble bath and truly relax. That’s why National Bubble Bath Day was founded, to give us a day to make a little time to pamper ourselves and unwind. 

We have the perfect list of things to make a bubble bath gift basket, we know you know someone who would love to receive one of these!

The first step in making someone the perfect bubble bath gift basket is to ask them what their favorite scents are. (No one wants to smell like something they don’t like!) Once you know what kinds of fragrances your recipient likes, now it’s time for the fun part, picking things to put in their basket. 

-Bubble Bath

-Bath Bombs

-Bath Salts


-Sugar Scrub

-Body Wash

-Scented Lotion

-Scented Candle

-Robe or Fluffy Towel

-Pumice Foot Stone

-Bathtub Tray

-Bath Scrub Brush

-Bath Slippers


-Favorite Drink (Rosé, anyone?)

- A New Book

Don’t feel like you have to put every single one of these items in the gift basket, 5 or 6 are more than enough to fill up a gift container. 

Once you have the items selected, all you have left to do is choose a basket to put your gift items in. Here are a few baskets we think have a relaxing spa feel:

12” Whitewash Seagrass Reed Basket w/ Lid

Wire Basket w/ Chalkboard

16.5” Natural Woodchip Basket w/ Cotton Liner and Wood Handles

Natural Woodchip Picnic Basket w/ Cotton Liner