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🚚 Get Free Shipping on All Orders Over $99! 📦 Exclusive offer for individual retail purchases.

Tips for Flower Shops for Upselling Gift Baskets

When you develop relationships with customers, our baskets and containers may find new life in what’s popularly known these days as upselling.  Every gift basket they purchase can find a second life once the treats have been enjoyed. Here are half a dozen ideas to subtly share with your customers as they purchase Wald Imports products, to inspire them, and that they can share with recipients:

1. If the shapes and sizes are perfect, like this set of three weathered wooden crates, but the colors clash with the client’s décor paint or a simple fabric covering will create a harmonious color scheme. Then use the crates on shelves to create an easy storage system for the linen closet or pantry. This is a great way to make an assortment of differently sized and shaped baskets into a stylish, tidy organizer

2.Customers may have stashed several baskets, like thisrectangular two-tone woven wood-chip model,in the basement or back of the closet because the style and quality are appealing, but their shelves are full. Adding simple hardware store hooks to the top of one side, installing a rod on a hallway wall, and hanging the baskets, creates an easy organizer. Each member of the household can have their own cubby to stash hats, gloves, books, or purses. 

3.Sometimes all it takes is a shift in perspective! Anyone can convert a large, deep, rectangular container, like this durable, tightly woven rattan basket, into a cozy bed for a favorite furry friend by turning it on its side and adding a comfy sleeping pad. It’s so simple, and so inexpensive. Fido or Fifi will have their own corner in the family room or den. Use a second basket for the pet toys that somehow accumulate around our fun-loving friends. 

4.A simple wall coat rack with hooks can become a place to hang baskets in the bedroom or boudoir. It’s simple to recommend super-gluing a single loop at the back of a basket – like this whitewashed woven rattan pot cover – with fabric or ribbon that matches the color scheme. Hang the baskets, and voila: they’ve got a simple way to keep scarves, sunglasses, socks, or caps organized and within easy reach. 

5. An easy way to turn empty baskets, like this set of three white birch bark bowls with their birch vine accents, into a charming hanging planter is to find an inexpensive plastic dish slightly smaller than the basket as a liner (if the liner is not included), and then add hardware store chains and a hook at the top. If you’ve got a crafty customer, a macramé hanger adds a homespun touch. You can use two or three baskets hung above one another to create a spectacular display. 

6. Turn an old gift basket, like this white faux-leather tote into… NEW gift basket!! Anyone invited to a baby shower or housewarming? They can get that empty tote out of the closet, line it with a cute baby towel folded over the rim, tie around the outside with a wide satin ribbon, then add onesies, lotions, binkies (and maybe a treat for mom.) For a housewarming gift, line the basket with a small tablecloth, large enough to fold over the top of the basket. 

Contact us and we can help you with creating a more exciting Shop with gifts.