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🚚 Get Free Shipping on All Orders Over $99! 📦 Exclusive offer for individual retail purchases.

Wald Imports: Relationships That Last

Meet Wald Imports’ Al Snel. Al has been with Wald for over twenty years. Born and raised in California, he moved to the Pacific Northwest 35 years ago. This April, he and his wife will celebrate their 45th wedding anniversary with their four sons, two daughter-in-laws and six grandchildren.

Al has worked with some great customers for his entire tenure at Wald! Here’s an example of why they keep coming back:

Once, a wholesale florist in the Pacific Northwest told Al he was getting a lot of requests for a set of three rustic looking twig baskets. So Wald developed a set comprised of an 8”, a 10 and a 12” round basket with handles. The trio set immediately became a top seller.  Al’s customer was very pleased, but found that their customers were now asking that 7” and 9” baskets be added, creating a set of 5.

Al continues, “We had a sample of the new set of five baskets made overseas and delivered to our customer for approval in about three weeks, and we had their first shipment delivered to them ninety days later. Wald added this set of Five Unpeeled Willow Baskets. to our line several months later. We notified the factory overseas to please include liners because most of the sales were from accounts in the floral industry. To this day many years later, it remains one of our, and their, best sellers.” 

In Al’s words, “It simply was a case of listening to the need of our customer and providing it for them. The response to our original set of three was strong, but the reaction to the set of five has been overwhelming and seems to continue growing each year.” Team members like Al, and the attitude he represents, are what keeps Wald customers happy.

Our customers know that they can ask us for something different, something extra, something larger or smaller, something customized just for them, and we will listen and make it happen. It’s also our relationships, and our ability to deliver what we promise swiftly and as expected, that lets us keep folks like Al as employees. We are very happy about that!