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Q: How do I create a custom product?

A: Please see the Custom Products page for more information.

Q: If you don’t have something in stock, how long does it take you to get it back in inventory?

A: It takes approximately 90 days to receive items back in stock after inventory is depleted.

Q: How many days after I place an order will it ship?

A: We try our best to get orders out within 24 hours after they are received. However, depending on the amount of orders we have to ship, if the order has special requirements, etc., it could take up to three days to process your order before it ships.

Q: How much is Shipping & Handling?

A: We have very low shipping costs thanks to the large volume of shipments we make each day. You will see the shipping costs before you finalize your order, so no worries!

Q: Where are most of your baskets and containers made?

A: The majority of our products are made in China from top-quality manufacturers.

Q: How do I become a customer to purchase your products?

A: You can place an order on the website or call us 800-426-2822, or email your order to [email protected] . Be sure to include your resale #.

Q: Can I purchase your items as an individual not a business?

A: Yes, but if you are in the state of Washington you will need to pay sales tax.

Q: Are the products you sell eco-friendly?

A: Yes, many are as green as it gets. All the baskets are made from green materials, wood, metal, paper, all recyclable.

Q: Do I have to pay for samples?

A: Yes, however you can discuss a refund with certain orders.

Q: Is there a minimum on first orders?

A: We suggest a $100 minimum on all orders to minimize freight costs.

Q: How is the shipping charge calculated?

If your order is over $500, we offer a cap of 10%, 15%, 20% depending on your location.

Q: How can I reduce shipping charges?

A: Ordering larger quantities can generally lower freight charges as a % of the total order.

Q: If I want a custom product made, is that possible?

A: Yes. We can help you create any product you can dream up.

Q: If I want to keep inventory of your products, do you offer financing?

A: You can apply for credit. Call and discuss with a sales representative

Q: I have a product that I’d like to have made in Asia, can you help?

A: Yes. We can help you create any product you can dream up.

Q: Do you offer exclusive products?

A: Yes, call us for more details.

Q: If I need a sample, can I buy one from you?

A: Yes.

Q: f I want to become a sales rep for your company, is that possible?

A: Yes, call us for more details.

Q: Do you offer drop shipping?

A: Yes, call us for more details.

Q: Do you offer expedited shipping options?

A: Yes. Call us for more info.

Q: What are your shipping delivery times?

A: We normally ship within 48 hours, and ship time depends on your location.

Q: Instead of UPS, I’d like to use our own shipping account to ship the order. How do I submit this information?

A: Just inform your sales person.

Q: Do you ship outside the United States?

A: Yes. Call for more info.

Q: How come my gift packing supplies did not come at the same time as my baskets?

A: Certain of our products ship from other warehouses. Ask your sales rep for more info.

Q: What if a product received is damaged?

A: Be sure and notate the damage on the Bill of Lading, or inform the FedEx driver. Call us and let us know what has been damaged and we will assist you.


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