Product Sourcing Services by Wald Imports

40 Years of Excellence

Have you ever considered having your own unique proprietary products, so you truly differentiate from your competitors?

Have you ever had ideas for product designs but didn’t know how to turn them into reality?

Are you currently having products made in Asia, and are having problems, like delays, communications, quality, etc?

The process doesn’t have to be complicated; Wald Sourcing Solutions has helped countless companies and individuals achieve their goals through custom product sourcing, promotional and custom product branding, and more. We can provide any level of service you need. From occasional consulting to tapping into our network of facilities and logistics, and anywhere in between, we can help you get the job done.

Wald Imports has been in the product sourcing business for over 40 years – we know all the ins and outs of China product sourcing. There are definitely a lot of ways to do inefficient product sourcing, but with utilizing our knowledge of the industry, we can help you get what you need in an efficient, timely manner, all while knowing that you are going through someone you can trust to deliver.

At Wald Imports, our first priority is to take care of our customer because your success is our success. We love this business and strive to provide the best products and service possible, and that is no exception with our product sourcing service. Give us a call, or fill out our product sourcing service questionnaire, and we can get started with educating and presenting you with the best china product sourcing plan possible.

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