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🚚 Get Free Shipping on All Orders Over $99! 📦 Exclusive offer for individual retail purchases.

8.25" Wood Grain Decorative Tray


Wholesale Price As Low As $4.25 each

  • STORE HOUSEHOLD GOODS: Our decorative storage baskets are the perfect option for holding general household goods! You can use our wood-grained storage basket to seamlessly store goods while also being a decoration in the living space.
  • DECORATIVE & FUNCTIONAL: Our decorative storage container doubles in both decoration and functionality. Use these to store your books, children's toys, laundry, and more. Our wood grained storage basket’s minimalistic design makes it easy to fit into any household environment.
  • BEAUTIFUL STORAGE IN ALL ROOMS: This paperboard decorative storage basket looks wonderful under a coffee table or on a bookshelf. You can also use this decorative storage bins for laundry, books, magazines, and more.
  • DURABLE CONSTRUCTION: Our wood-grained decorative tray is created using quality paperboard with a matte finish. These storage bins are solid and durable, while staying lightweight and portable.
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: We are committed to developing a tight collection of versatile and useful products at prices that satisfy our customers’ needs.


  • Sturdy gold paperboard tray
  • Charming wood grain pattern
  • Die cut handles on each side
  • Perfect for gift basket or storage
  • Size: 8.25" x 6" x 5.5"

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Eric S.

Good, size is small but work for me

Refilwe Conradie
Painted cardboard?

Disappointed in the strength of this box. It appeared to be stronger in the photos - I thought it was some kind of wood? It seems to be nothing more than painted cardboard - or something like it. It is very flimsy. I am using it as a "catch-all" to hold USB to C type chargers cables and small remotes. Even with that small load it nearly folded and I needed to use two hands when I moved it to take these photos. It is not at all strong. A pen fits clipped on the side of it, as you can see in the last photo, so it is very thin. Unless you need something similar to a small shoebox, don't bother. It is a little prettier? But it doesn't have a lit, lol.

Jazmyn Hane

I have a bad habit of not reading measurements. I look at pictures. I bought this for a toy box for the dog. The box became a toy. Way too small

Kunti Nath
Not what I was expecting.

This is more like a gift basket than a storage basket. It's made out of paper board with no print on the inside unlike what the picture shows. It would be great for putting together a gift but I got this to store my babies little teething toys in and it isn't what I thought I was getting. It will still work for now, but as soon as it gets wet I'm certain it won't last. I am almost tempted to use it for a Christmas gift basket instead.

Jake Lee
Great Recipe Box

From the photos used to show potential uses for this little box, I could store magazines, etc, but it's really only big enough for large index cards, cell phones, pens, keys, and random items of that size. I fit four books in it, though. So, if you read multiple books at the same time as I do, it has the potential to stash them intentionally instead of stacking them.I also expected it to be made of solid wood, but this is cardboard covered with wooden counter liner-type paper. On one side, the counter liner-type paper bubbled up and it doesn't seem it was smoothed as well as the other side.