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Natural Woodchip Picnic Basket w/Cotton Liner


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  • WOODCHIP PICNIC BASKET: Create an attractive gift basket for family and friends! Our woodchip baskets have convenient hinged handles that fold down for storage or up for easy carrying so you can take it with you anywhere. This natural basket is also ideal for organizing household items like magazines, crafts, or anything else that needs a home.
  • HAND WOVEN: Our stained woodchip basket is woven from natural woodchip and includes a cotton liner on the inside. This natural wood picnic basket is sure to fulfill your needs - whether it's hauling produce from the farmer's market or organizing a family picnic.
  • A MULTIPURPOSE GIFT: This wooden basket makes a great present for any time of the year! It's a perfect decoration for your house or condo. Our natural picnic basket is also great to keep in your car to take camping and hiking.
  • PERFECT FOR PICNICS: This stained picnic basket features rich brown wood stain, woven woodchip slats, convenient hinged handles, and an antique brass clasp. This portable picnic basket is perfect for loading up your with goodies for the whole family for a Sunday brunch.
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: Here at Wald Imports, our decorative storage baskets feature fine and elegant details. We are committed to developing a tight collection of versatile and useful products at prices that satisfy our customers’ needs!


  • Natural woven wood-chip picnic basket
  • Folding handles with antique brass clasps
  • Removable cotton liner
  • Detachable slatted wood lid
  • Size: 13.5" x 9" x 8"

Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Ireti Aigbiniode
Not worth the price..

 This basket is cute but it’s much smaller than I anticipated and came with no protection to avoid breakage. No bubble wrap or anything which caused there to be some broken pieces. It’s a cute basket but way overpriced for the size and quality.

Joseph Brink
Weave part is not so good

I was expecting a lid with the basket but upon looking more closely it didn't have one. The lining was nice. I liked that the bottom was not flimsy at all. I didn't like that the weaved part was splitting. It seems to me that the weave should not look like if you press on it that it will split. I makes me feel like the wood part is brittle? I have a few weaved baskets and bowls and they don't look like the weave is gonna split in half.

Prerna Oommen
Doesn’t have a lid!

Cute picnic small basket (12”L x 7”H x 8”W) It’s light and easy to carry after adding a small amount of goodies. The handles feel sturdy more than the actual basket.I’m a bit disappointed that it doesn’t come with the wooden lid as shown on the photos. Also, the woven wood chips slats don’t look to sturdy as I’m worried if I use it too many times, they may break.I used it for a picnic which I added a box of crackers, two types of cheese, plastic forks, 4 small plastic plates, a small bag of chips, and a bag of trek mix. I got many complaints!

Jo Cronin
Not sturdy

It’s advertised as a picnic basket. However it’s not sturdy enough to hold more than a bottle or two of water. And I’d be hesitant to even try to carry that. If the lid is on you can’t pull the handles up. It’s very cute and I will use it to set plants in I guess. I was hopeful for a real picnic basket

Shirley Kelly
Picnic basket

At this price point you know you should not expect too much I don’t guess. First the positives. As advertised it is all natural materials and it’s a very nice looking basket. Also it’s not too expensive. On the other hand the workmanship at any price point in my opinion should be better. The lid on one side is OK. On the other side though is very rough to the point you may get splinters from the wood. Also, it does not fit well on the top of the basket. Overall, it’s not well made after all even though it looks good. I gave it 3 stars because for the price you really get what you pay for.