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Stained Woodchip Picnic Basket w/Cotton Liner


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  • WOODCHIP PICNIC BASKET: Create an attractive gift basket for family and friends! Our woodchip baskets have convenient hinged handles that fold down for storage or up for easy carrying so you can take it with you anywhere. This brown picnic basket is also ideal for organizing household items like magazines, crafts, or anything else that needs a home.
  • HAND WOVEN: Our stained woodchip basket is woven from natural woodchip and includes a cotton liner on the inside. This dark brown basket with handles is sure to fulfill your needs - whether its hauling produce from the farmer's market or organizing a family picnic.
  • A MULTIPURPOSE GIFT: This wooden basket makes a great present for any time of the year! It's a perfect decoration for your house or condo. Our dark brown woven baskets for storage are also great to keep in your car to take camping and hiking.
  • PERFECT FOR PICNICS: This stained picnic basket features rich brown wood stain, woven woodchip slats, convenient hinged handles, and an antique brass clasp. This portable picnic basket is perfect for loading up your with goodies for the whole family for a Sunday brunch.
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: Here at Wald Imports, our decorative storage baskets feature fine and elegant details. We are committed to developing a tight collection of versatile and useful products at prices that satisfy our customers’ needs!


  • Stained woven wood-chip picnic basket
  • Folding handles with antique brass clasps
  • Removable cotton liner
  • Detachable slatted wood lid
  • Size: 13.5" x 9" x 8"

Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Maryam Torphy
Cute but only so-so basket

I have mixed feelings about this basket--on the one hand, it's a nice size and could probably hold a small picnic lunch. Coloring is nice and the look makes me think of your quintessential basket that you see in storybooks and movies.On the other hand, like some other reviewers mentioned, it's lightweight and doesn't feel like the most sturdy. It is indeed splintery and not smooth. When the lid is on the handles will rub against it when lifted into position to carry the basket. The linen doesn't feel like it's the greatest quality.All that said, I think I will probably just use this as a stationary, decorative basket to be filled with goodies at a table. For that purpose it's great! I wouldn't use this to take with me on a picnic at the park.

nosipho Zwane
Works Great

This is too cute. I love how the lid can be a sturdy base for cups or food. This is a small basket; a good size for two. Easy enough to manage. Really nice addition to our picnics.

Chimamanda Nwachukwu
SO CUTE—perfect for picnics or harvesting garden veggies <3

did i *need* a wooden basket like this? no. but i've always wanted a basket on hand that i could use to hold my garden veg and fruit during the peak season, that was big enough to hold a large volume but ALSO had a lid. that's the best part to me, the lid is sturdy so it'd be nice to resting light tools on, and keep the bugs and sun OUT. i love it and definitely plan to use it faithfully next spring!

Neil Connelly
Cute but a Bit Splinter-y

This is a very cute basket, but I would definitely call it more decor than practical use. It looks nice but is thin wood that splinters easily. I plan to use it as a gift basket for a holiday sweets assortment and I am very happy with it for that purpose. The cloth lining will be a good barrier to keep things neat and professional looking without having to add a lot of fluff. The lid will be a nice way to ensure safer transport.

Clyde Dare

Looks like a nice picnic sized basket in the pictures but it's actually very small. Might hold several tightly folded wash cloths or other small items but not much else.