Our Gift Baskets and Containers Have to be Good…Really Good!

Top-Quality Wholesale BasketsAt Wald Imports we realize that you send a gift basket to tell someone that you appreciate them and that they are important to you. You celebrate with them when a baby is born or a wedding or birthday occurs.

You feel for them when there is an illness or a passing. You congratulate them on a triumph. You thank them for things they have done for you or with you.

Our job is to impress them with your thoughtfulness. So what's in the gift basket has to be good. Really good!!!

Our policy on gift baskets and containers is this: If wouldn’t be willing to take it home and put it on our table, it doesn't belong in our line. We've traveled far and wide searching out fine baskets and containers. In Italy and France this is ridiculously easy!

Currently we're very glad to be finding equally excellent products from artisan producers in the US!