Home Wicker Storage Solutions

Nov 06 2017 Blog

Home Wicker Storage Solutions
There’s a certain natural and delicate beauty to the look of wicker inside of a home and many ideas that you can display in your retail store. The simple, biodegradable appeal of wicker is what many desire today for their decor, which can also be used as durable storage.  When utilizing any of our willow baskets for your storage needs, you can also think about how your customers will use them afterwards. Starting with a simple rectangle or square wicker container the following creations are sure to inspire your customers, and keep them coming back for more!

Wicker Shoe Storage

A mocha brown open-handle wicker basket is a perfect container for shoes and other items in any entry way.  It’s a great idea your customers will love when you offer this idea to their as a decorative hideaway.

Home Wicker Storage Solutions Shoe Closet Baskets Wicker Shoe Storage Image Credit: iheartorganizing.blogspot.com

Bathroom Hideaway

Here’s a stylish look for use of wicker containers in any bathroom, especially those with limited space. The large hamper is a perfect compliment and very convenient to transport right to the laundry room.  Home Wicker Storage Solutions Bathroom Hideaway Bathroom Hideaway Image Credit: GuidingHome.com

Kitchen Organizer for Fruits and Vegetables

Sometimes keeping fresh items from the grocery store or farmer’s market is just better in the pantry or even out on a countertop. This allows for easy access and looks very appealing with the natural fiber baskets in place.Kitchen Organizer for Fruits and Vegetables Wicker Home Storage Solutions
Image Credit: HomEdit.com

Organized Blocks and Toys

You will love sharing this idea with parents and caregivers with the use of rectangular wicker containers lined with natural fabric. Your customers can use these for storage of wooden blocks, toys, or any other small items that can easily get lost or left around. Not only are these easy to transport, but can be placed inside cubes for storage. Organized Blocks and Toys Home Wicker Storage Solutions

Image Credit: OrgJunkie.com Wicker baskets are versatile for home use and can be offered to our wholesale wicker basket customers in a variety of sizes and shapes. Natural products that appear handmade are particularly popular with today’s shopper, as well as containers that create a more artistic look to any space whether small or large. By offering a variety of wicker baskets such as ones with handles, large containers, and woven decorative pieces the businesses you work with will be able to incorporate these great ideas for wicker baskets that will last for years to come.