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Easter Baskets for Kids of All Ages


If there’s any holiday that brings the word “basket” to mind, it’s Easter. Typically kids are excited to get a basket filled with Peeps and Cadbury eggs, but we want to mix that idea up a little. Here is a guide to “non-candy” ideas that will keep kids of all ages active and smiling:


Don’t leave the smallest members of the family out! Here are a few simple gifts that babies and parents will love.

- Teether

- Pacifier

- Stuffed Animal

- Blanket

- Onesie


Toddlers are at the age where they’re curious about everything. They’ll love these items in their gift basket:

- Kid’s Umbrella (They’ll need one for all the April showers.)

- Children’s Book

- Bubbles

- Bath Toy

- Finger Paints

- Plush Toy


Children Age 3-5:

Children this age love things they can express themselves with. Art supplies are the perfect gift to keep them occupied for hours.

- Playdough

- Coloring Book

- Sidewalk Chalk

- Watercolors

- Crayons

Children Age 5-7:

Give this age group of kids items to get them outside and in the fresh air. Spring is the perfect time to get them out in the backyard.

- Toy Figures

- Slime

- Dolls

- Craft Kit

- Binoculars

- Soccer Ball

- Sidewalk Chalk

- Coloring Book

Children Age 7-10:

It’s hard to know what kids are into these days. They’ll be sure to like the items on this list!

- A Book of Mad Libs

- Putty

- Art Set

- Book

- Sunglasses

- Chapstick

- Butterfly Growing Kit

- Legos

Another important part of Easter baskets are making sure that the basket itself is just as fun as the prizes inside it. Here are a few of our favorite baskets for Easter/spring:

Novelty Paperboard Baseball Box

Double 6" Metal Planter With Butterfly Accents

8" White Bamboo Basket With Handle