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Gift Baskets For Man’s Best Friend

February 23rd - National Dog Biscuit Day

Gift baskets are given to parents, friends, family, workmates, and many people in between. But so often, “man’s best friend” is left out of the gift basket loop. With National Dog Biscuit Day approaching on February 23rd, we thought now would be a great time to tell you how to put together the perfect gift basket for your furry friends. 

The first thing to consider when putting a gift basket together for dogs is to consider what size dog your gift basket is for. A basket for small/medium size breeds should have smaller toys, treats, and accessories while a basket for larger breeds should have goodies that are designed for large dogs. 

Here are a few different dog gift basket ideas to get you inspired:

Dog Treat Baskets

1 Dog Bowl

5 Assorted Dog Treats (You can use store bought or homemade ones.)

2 Tennis balls

2 Chew Toys

Small Medium Breed Gift Basket

Small Rope Toys

Tug Toys

Chew Toys

Interactive Toys

Comfy Blanket

Chicken Flavored Bones

Large Breed GIft Basket

Large Rope Toys

Squeak Toy

2-Pack Tennis Balls in Varying Colors

Hip & Joint Treats

Dental Hygiene Treats

Smoked Porkhide Twists

Another great gift basket idea is to put together a “Puppy Starter Pack Gift Basket” to new dog owners. New puppies can be a handful, and knowing what necessities to buy can be a little overwhelming for new owners. Help them get a handle on it with a gift basket that has everything they could need.

For this type of gift basket you can include items like:

A Dog Collar and Leash

1 Dog Bowl

A Rope Toy

A Squeak Toy

Chew Toys

Dental Hygiene Treats

A Blanket

And A Bag of Treats

Now that you have what kinds of items you want to include in your gift basket, you just have to pick what basket you want to put your items in. Here’s a few containers we think your dog will like:

This soft plaid tote can be used for toy storage for years to come:

This metal gift container is a super durable option for pet owners to use for toy or treat storage:

Our two tone willow baskets come in sets of 3. Now you can have the perfect size gift basket for any dog you want to gift with goodies: