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🚚 Get Free Shipping on All Orders Over $99! 📦 Exclusive offer for individual retail purchases.

Great Gift Baskets for College Students Away from Home at the Holidays

Gift Baskets for the College Student

Traditional gift ideas for our kids away a college cover a wide variety of items. Munchies, gourmet coffee, soaps & lotions and even gift cards are all the things our kids away from home love and need to receive. For many students it is their first time living away from family and these packages are a connection to those they have left behind. As dormitories are generally drab and empty of decoration, sending a care package in a Wald Imports gift basket is a great way to let your college student know you care!

This spices up the appearance of your gift items and provides your student with something to decorate their room with! Wald Imports has a very large selection of gift basket ideas for both young men and young women away at a university, enough to satisfy even the most finicky of taste.

Responsibility doesn’t end when your child goes off to college. Even for the most mature and adjusted late teen college can be a stressful transition. In addition to regular communication, care packages show them your support and love. Help your student adjust to college life while showing them you care with gifts filled in a Wald Imports gift basket. Care packages should contain items students both want and need. Ask your child what they would like before you send a package out.

The most common type of care package contains food, and while many colleges have a meal plan and cafeteria this is not always sufficient. Students have quite irregular hours at times and are often up late past cafeteria hours. As a result students tend to need late night snacks and munchies...this is where food related care packages come in handy.

Food should be non-perishable and oriented to limited amount of space. When they receive their package they can use the items as well as use the basket for a room decoration! 

Call us for specific orders of baskets to create baskets for your customers.