We call it a Gift Basket but it does not Have to be in a Basket.

I choose a container that my recipient will keep and find useful. Baskets are useful but there are so many alternatives. Let’s get creative! Generally, the container determines the cost of the gift.

So naturally, use the pricey container for the expensive custom gift and let your price tag reflect it. On the other hand, inexpensive container ideas abound that make very attractive presentations. For those really large or expensive gifts, the sky is the limit!

Ask a few questions about your recipient their hobbies, favorite foods, or whether they are a tea sipper or a coffee drinker. A tea-sipping gardener like me would love a garden tote or planter brimming with gardening and tea time goodies. What about a huge popcorn bowl for the guy who watches sports all weekend?

Fill it with gourmet popcorn, soda, chocolate covered pretzels, and a matching sports-themed throw and pillow for the couch. Find out his favorite team and add a team T- shirt or boxers! From the other end of the spectrum, try a Hamper Style Baskets and make impressive themed presentations at low cost. By using hamper style with the back attached you can build tall gifts. Just add Crinkle Cut or tissue shreds for color and texture.

Filler will give the containers added strength and you will be surprised how much product you can pack into them.