How to Create the Perfect Cheese Lover’s Gift Basket

January 20th is National Cheese Lover’s Day

How to Create the Perfect Cheese Lover’s Gift Basket

Do you have a cheese lover in your life? Their day, National Cheese Lover’s Day, is right around the corner on January 20th. That being said, we want to give you a guide on how to construct the perfect cheese gift basket for your recipient. Let’s get started!

When it comes to creating a cheese basket, having a variety of cheeses is super important. Try and pick some with different flavors and textures, a good rule of thumb is to pick one type of cheese from each category:

Hard Cheese:

- Cheddar

- Gouda

- Pecorino Romano

Semi-Firm Cheese:

- Edam

- Cantal

- Manchego

Soft Cheese:

- Brie

- Camembert

- Goat Cheese

Blue Cheese:

- Gorgonzola

- Roquefort

Once you have your cheeses picked out, you can throw in a few more items like crackers and a bottle of wine and you have a nice gift. To upscale your gift basket a little more, you can take the crackers out of their box and put them in a cellophane gift bag. We just know any cheese lover would love to be the recipient of this basket!

If you’re looking for a few ideas of what kind of basket to use, we have a few ideas:

Our Carved Willow Basket is new and available for pre-order! It has intricate details your recipient will love.

Our Tuscana Wood Chip Basket is ideal for reuse for storage long after all the cheese has been eaten.

Wire baskets are very memorable! We just know your recipient will love theirs!