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Our Favorite Plant Containers

January 11 Blog

Our Favorite Plant Containers

We’re a few days into January and I’m sure a lot of you are beginning to take down your holiday decorations and Christmas trees. If you’re missing having all that lovely green inside your home, have you considered adding indoor plants for year round greenery?

We know that picking out the right plants for your space is one thing, but finding the right planter for each plant is another challenge within itself. We want to show you a few of our favorite planters. You might see a few you want to treat your houseplants to!

Have you ever seen a planter that looks like a birdhouse? I bet not! Our Whitewashed Birdhouse Planter is perfect for homes that have a warm and cozy feel. This planter looks amazing if you top it with Spanish moss after placing your plant in it. 

We are quite big fans of whitewash because it can easily blends in with the area it’s placed. Our whitewashed wood planter is a great planter option for plants that you want to be the star of the show. 

Does your home have a retro feel? Our retro fruit crate planters are perfect the perfect option for people who like “vintagey” things. Your friends will be asking you where you found such cool old crates to put your plants in!

Our rattan planter is a great option for people who like to keep it basic when it comes to their decor. Rattan has such a simple, natural look to it, your plants will look right at home placed in one of these.

Another one of our favorites that is simple, but unique is our woodchip willow vine planter. This planter is a mix of wood and willow vine and it is stunning!

Last but not least in our list of favorite planters is our white bamboo basket. This basket is large enough that it can be used as a double planter. Double the plants equals double the beauty, wouldn’t you agree!

Did you see any planters that struck your fancy to pair with your houseplants? If so, you can click on the “Floral Planters/Containers” section of our website. There are a lot more planters listed there that we think you will love.