Mother’s Day Gift Baskets


Mother’s Day is for showing Mom how much she’s appreciated for how much she does every day. Gift baskets full of goodies are a great way to treat her on this special day, they’re especially nice when they’re personalized just for her! Whether you’re shopping for your mother, grandmother, or wife, here are a few suggestions on how to build a perfect gift basket that she’ll love. 

Step 1: Start with a pretty gift container.

Here are a few baskets she might like:

Two-Tone Willow Basket

White Bamboo Basket

Willow and Vine Bowl

Step 2: Add her favorite food items. 

All of us have a favorite food or drink that’s a special treat for us. Treat your mom to a few of her favorite treats by adding them to her gift basket.

A few goodies that are always a fan favorite for special gifts are:

- Fancy organic pyramid tea bags from Tea Forte

- Godiva Chocolate Box Sampler

- Gourmet Chocolate From A Local Confectioner 

Step 3: Add self-care items.

Give your mom a luxurious spa experience by adding a few items to her gift basket like:

- Luxury skincare sampler

- A scented candle (bonus points if it’s a scent she loves)

- Rose scented soap petals

- Bubble bath

Step 4: Add a “best mom” item.

No Mother’s Day basket is complete without something that says “Best Mom” or “I love mom.”

You can add useful items like a mug, notepad, journal, or wine glass that has your favorite Mother’s Day phrase on it.

Step 5: Don’t forget to get her flowers!

Flowers are the perfect compliment to a goodie gift basket. Fresh cut flowers from the garden are great, but so is a bouquet from your local florist too!

After you complete these steps, we guarantee you that you will have the perfect gift ready to give this Mother’s Day!