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National Tea Day Gift Baskets


Did you know, 3 billion tons of tea are produced worldwide every year for consumption? No wonder National Tea Day was founded to celebrate such a widely loved and consumed beverage. 

To show our love for this universally loved drink, we wanted to show a few ways to make gift baskets for the tea drinkers in your life:

  1. Tea For Two

This gift basket is great for people who like to drink tea with company. Our Willow Cup and Saucer Basket is the perfect container for these teas and snacks.

- 2 Tea Cups

- English Breakfast Blend Tea Bags

- Earl Grey Tea Bags

- Milk Chocolate Digestives

- Scone Mix

- Bonne Maman Mini Strawberry Preserves

  1. A Basket Fit for an Earl

Earl Grey is a fan favorite for tea drinkers. This gift basket gives the recipient the option of brewing their tea with loose leaf or bags.

- 2 Cup Teapot 

- English Tea Store Earl Grey Tea (Loose Leaf)

- English Tea Store Earl Grey Tea Bags

- Mesh Infuser Ball

- Empress Tea Strainer

- Mars Maltesers - 1.30 ounces (37 grams)

  1. “Green With Envy”

This basket will make other green tea lovers green with envy about all the different types of green teas this recipient is going to get. Adding a variety of flavored green teas to a basket is a simple but sure way to show someone you care.

- Mesh Infuser Ball

- Jasmine with Flowers Green Tea (Loose Leaf)

- Sencha Kyoto Cherry Rose Festival Green Tea (Loose Leaf)

- Sencha Japanese Green Tea (Loose Leaf)

- Long Island Strawberry Green Tea (Loose Leaf)