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Seasonal Marketing: Cozy Times Make Memories

As you read this, we’re in the midst of the fourth quarter of the year, the season when it sometimes seems the snowball of chaos gets larger each week. In what can be a very stressful time, it’s good practice to create a holiday feeling of coziness (what the Scandinavians call “hygge”) for employees and customers alike. Decorations in your break room and holiday festivities will let your team know their work is appreciated. Cards and white elephant gift exchanges foster feelings of inclusion and provide a chance for your crew to relax and celebrate. Cookie exchanges with recipes attached allow your Martha Stewarts to shine.

Displays take on a wintry theme, with crystalline snow and silver stars, evergreen and holly. Put your customers in a cheerful mood with soft holiday music, and make sure the seasonal candy dish by the register is filled, from candy corn at Halloween to peppermints and sprigs of mistletoe later on.

Of course you’ll want your offerings to customers, whether floral or giftware, to tempt with a high level of seasonal visual originality. A great example? These old-fashioned metal trucks have a folk-art vibe that will appeal to traditionalists and sophisticates alike. Beautifully detailed, from headlights to steering wheel, and filled with holiday treats from under the hood to the cargo compartment, they make a super gift. After the contents have been enjoyed, imagine the fun your customer can have, painting the truck in bright colors and personalizing it with the name of a favorite niece or nephew as a birthday present.

Nothing captures the glow and warmth of this season like the flicker of candlelight in the frosty nights. These petite red and white metal luminarias are pierced with designs of stars, trees, and reindeer. Filled with candy and treats, they make a great hostess gift. Afterwards they will be enjoyed as softly shining window lanterns with lit votive candles gleaming inside. A trio makes a generous gift: fill one with peppermints, one with chocolates, and the third with holly and mistletoe.

Speaking of winter greenery, the familiar and beloved carol “The Holly and The Ivy” has been sung since Charles Dickens’ day. A gift of these two plants, twined together, has a deep symbolism in the winter season. Their glossy red berries and green leaves will be set off beautifully in these white metal planters. Circled with red and green bands that are highlighted with evergreen trees, reindeer, and snowflakes, and available in several sizes, they are a perennial favorite.

The season of giving is symbolized most clearly when the postman arrives with a special package, beautifully wrapped, and brimming with holiday goodies for the whole family (or office family). Fruit and candied nuts, cheeses, patés and sausages, chocolates and peppermints – there is sure to be something for everyone. Maybe there’s a brightly painted wooden nutcracker, or a package of gay Christmas crackers, tucked in to add to the fun. These lidded boxes provide just the right color and texture for a genial holiday delivery. When the last nut has been cracked, and the final peppermint savored, the box will be useful to store away the ornaments and decorations until next year’s holiday season.

These are just a few cozy ideas from your team at Wald Imports, encouraging you to take a few minutes during this busy season to relax and enjoy its gifts yourself.