Useful Gift Basket Ideas

Dec 09 2020

Useful Gift Basket Ideas

Useful Gift Basket Ideas

Holiday season is finally here! If you’re like most people, you might be struggling to think of a gift that your recipient might actually use and enjoy. Instead of buying a sweater that might not fit quite right or a cologne that you’re not sure if they’ll like, why not get them a gift basket full of goodies. Here are a few ideas we have, you can get as creative with these as you want:

  1. Wine Lover’s Basket

This basket is pretty simple. If your recipient enjoys wine, why not give them a bottle of their favorite wine or surprise them with one they haven’t tried before. To complete this basket, you can pair the wine with a couple of cheeses and some nice chocolates.

  1. At-Home Spa Basket

Has your recipient been missing trips to the spa? Give them just what they need to treat themself at home! A few things you can put in an at-home spa basket are a luxurious bottle of bubble bath, a robe, a book, and a bathtub tray. 

  1. The Night Before Christmas Basket

Gift baskets for small kids can sometimes be a bit difficult to put together. It’s hard to know what kids are into these days. A thoughtful gift kids and their family will enjoy is a Night Before Christmas basket. You can include Christmas pajamas, Santa’s cookie plates, and a few holiday snacks. This gift basket is sure to make a Christmas tradition feel even more special!

  1. A Chocolate Lover’s Dream Basket

A chocolate gift basket is a safe choice to give just about anyone. You can include a variety of chocolates to give your recipient a few options to try. Since it’s also a bit chilly this time of year, you can include some hot chocolate mix and a seasonal mug. 

Now that you have a few ideas of what you can put in a gift basket, here’s a few gift basket containers we think you’ll love:

Our Rectangular Willow Basket can hold more than a standard round basket:

Our Woven Willow Basket is beautiful white cloth woven throughout it. It’s the perfect basket for elegant gifts!

This Red and Black Plaid Basket is the perfect festive basket for this time of year.