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Why You Should Consider Gift “Crates”

Why You Should Consider Gift “Crates”

Did you know our waste volume does up by at least 25% over the Holidays? That’s hardly a surprise to anyone who has seen streets on the garbage day after Christmas. The sidewalks become an obstacle course of overstuffed garbage bins and bags nearly exploding with old wrapping, ribbon and packaging. 

If you’re looking for an environmentally friendly alternative to gift bags and boxes, we have the perfect solution - gift crates! Here are a few reasons you’ll love using crates for gift containers for the Holidays and any other occasion. 

  1. Wooden Crates Can be Reused

Crates aren’t like your typical paper or plastic gift wrappings that have to be tossed aside after one use. When you give your recipient a gift in a crate, you’re giving them a gift container they can reuse as a gift container later. You can think of a gift crate as a gift that just keeps on giving. 

  1. Crates Come in Different Sizes

We have a fantastic selection of crate sizes. Whether you’re looking for a container for a large or small gift, you can find a crate that will hold your gift perfectly! Even after your recipient receives their gift crate, they can use it for large or small storage solutions.

  1. You can Customize Crates With Paint and Stencils

Our favorite reason for using crates as gift containers is how easily they can be customized specifically for your recipient. Does your recipient love the color blue? You can paint their gift crate blue. Do you want your recipient’s name on their gift container? You can easily stencil their name on their gift crate. Whatever vision you have for your gift crate, you can easily create with a little bit of paint or stain. 

Are you sold on the gift crate idea yet? Here are a few of our favorite crates:

Our Set of 3 Distressed Wood Crates come in 3 different colors and sizes:

Looking for a gift container that feels a bit rustic? These crates are a great option:

Our Whitewashed Distressed Crates go with just about every occasion: