Special Order Tins

Wald Imports Special Order Tins

Specialty metal packaging, with striking graphics, adds value to your product and demands attention. It becomes a collectible part of a gift and requires no external packaging. If shelf-appeal and shelf-stability are important to you, consider tin! Stand out with custom embossing.

Why Custom Packaging?

Differentiate your products & brands from the pack.

Build loyalty and brand awareness.

Establish an emotional connection with customers.

Why Wald Imports?

We have an established on and off-shore supplier base

Custom solutions are often a better value

Wald Imports ensures you will get the right quality

We manage the supply chain and will meet your delivery dates

You can pick up the phone and talk to a US based industry specialist

We have the experience to provide the solutions for any project

How the process works

Step 1

Call/email us to discuss your ideas or questions.

Step 2

Send us the specific art, images or samples for review.

Step 3

We give you our suggestions and work with you to develop a winning solution.

Step 4

We work together to create a final product, drawings, images, colors, text, features, etc.

Step 5

We'll provide you with cost estimates for the proposed designs.

Step 6

We ask the factory to create a sample, so you can confirm and approve it.

Step 7

If changes need to be made, we'l maanage the revision process and procure new production samples.

Step 8

When the sample is approved, we send you an order confirmation, you submit the deposit, and we start production.

Frequently Asked Questions

Depending on the complexity of the project, it can take between 60 days and 180 days, but most project average around 90 days.

No. We normally provide tiered pricing, so you can choose your quantity and price.

Yes. This is a very common type of custom project request.

Yes. This is also a common request. We can help you have just in time inventories and utilize resources wisely.

Yes. We have partner product and packaging designers we can recommend to you for any type of project. Their rates are very reasonable.

Depending on the requirements of developing your product, there may be some up front costs. Typically those costs are under $500. When the project is ready for production, we normally require a 50% deposit.

Yes. We have a warehouse facility and we can provide inventory services. There is an additional cost for this service, but it is quite reasonable.